Do most funeral homes do animal cremations as well? I remember my family had our dog cremated, but I just assumed we went to an animal specific place, because you know, dog.

most funeral homes don’t have crematories, period. but some crematories run a pet business as well as human cremations. most often, though, veterinary offices have a local crematory that they deal with that comes to pick up the animals, so when you take your pet to the vet to be put to sleep (or it dies from injuries at the vet), you pay the vet office for the cremation, who then calls a crematory who will perform the cremation, then deliver the ashes back to the vet office where you pick them up. although some, like ours, services vet offices as well as takes animals in directly.

wait, if you don't work at a funeral home, where do you work?
what is your average day like

right now, we’re insanely busy, so literally all i do is cremate. load a body, burn it up, scrape it out, load again. if i’m left alone to do what i have to do, i can get around 8 done in an 11-hour work day (we have two units). but other times my day is cremations, animal and human pickups, delivery of ashes, checking in bodies. my job is a lot less complicated than it was when i was at the funeral home, and that’s nice.

i listen to fast car at least twice a day on youtube so youtube only recommends tracy chapman videos to me

is anyone else listening to the howard stern birthday show friday

Please don't go away I just found your blog and I enjoy it


dogs know things


This is Teenie, who was buried in 2009. His skeleton is nearly complete and is super pretty. Currently, he’s soaking in hydrogen peroxide to sterilize and bleach the bones. #catlady #skeleton


This is Teenie, who was buried in 2009. His skeleton is nearly complete and is super pretty. Currently, he’s soaking in hydrogen peroxide to sterilize and bleach the bones. #catlady #skeleton

Springsteen fan and works in the funeral business? If so must say I am impressed and happy to see I am not alone

🎶 I got a card up my sleeve; name it and I’ll pull it out your rear 🎶

"She reckoned that anyone, looking back over her life, could pick out one year and say, ‘That was the best.’ It seemed that, for everyone, there was one spell of seasons when everything came together, smooth and glorious and full of wonder. It was only later on that you might wonder why it happened that way. It was like putting ten different savory things in the cold-pantry all at once, so each took on a bit of the others’ flavors; the mushrooms had a taste of ham and the ham of mushrooms; the venison had the slightest wild taste of partridge and the partridge had the tiniest hint of cucumbers. Later on in life, you might wish that the good things which all befell in your one special year had spread themselves out a little more, that you could maybe take one of the golden things and kind of transplant it right down in the middle of a three-year stretch you couldn’t remember a single blessed good thing about, or even a bad one, and so you knew things had just gone on the way they were supposed to in the world God had created and Adam and Eve had half uncreated—the washing had gone out, the floors had been scrubbed, the babies had been cared for, the clothes had been mended; three years with nothing to break up the gray flow of time but Easter and the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving and Christmas."

—Stephen King, The Stand

what do you wear if not suits :o

dress pants, dress shirt

1) do partial sleeve tattoos count as visible 2) do you have to wear suits all the time 3) do embalmers have to deal with distraught family members or just the body ty

1) if you can see it, it’s visible. some funeral homes care more than others.

2) no, but it’s going to depend on where you work. some people do.

3) if you’re strictly an embalmer, no, you likely don’t have to deal with the public.

David Bowie - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)
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David Bowie’s rare cover of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by  Joy Division.

A chance meeting in 1983 had David Bowie, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook chatting away over beers in the Kings Arms in Salford. “…So we were all there just having a laugh and we joked that he should come n have a jam with us, then next minute - well, it was the next day actually, but i didn’t expect he’d definitely come by - and we were in the practice rooms and we were playing Love Will Tear Us Apart and I was like, f%$k we’re playing Love Will Tear Us Apart with David Bowie singing, this is crazy. We never released it - Bowie took a recording of it, and just layered some more vocals on for fun, sent it back to me…”

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Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue (Live)
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this came on shuffle tonight and since then i’ve been having a weird evening thinking about the way my life was two years ago or so, the way i felt, things i miss about that time, things i definitely don’t miss about that time, the people who were in my life, the people that weren’t in my life yet, how my relationships with some people have strengthened since then, and how some of them have weakened, and what to do about all of it.